Your Local GP Network

What is a Primary Care Network?

Primary Care networks (PCN) are groups of practices working together to improve services to their patients. Our PCN is called Guildford Renaissance in Primary Care, North Guildford (GRiPC North Guildford). It is a collaborative project between Dapdune House Surgery, Fairlands Surgery, Guildowns Group Practice and Woodbridge Hill Surgery.

What are Primary Care Networks trying to achieve?

PCNs are looking to make health services more focused around local communities, to improve the way primary healthcare teams work across the area, and to allow GPs and other primary care health workers innovate new models of care for their patients and communities.

Medication Review with our Pharmacists

Our very experienced Pharmacist can provide structured medication reviews.
They are offering this service to the following patients:

·  Those in care homes

·  Those taking more than 10 medications

·  Housebound frail patients

·  Those on certain pain medications like morphine based pain killers

Wellbeing and Emotional Support

Our Wellbeing and Emotional Support Service is called GPIMHS ( General Practice Integrated Mental Health Service).

Talk to your practice receptionists to find out how to book an appointment with our mental health practitioner and team.

First Contact Physiotherapist Practitioner

Back and joint problems? Our First contact Physiotherapist Practitioner has training in assessing and diagnosing musculoskeletal issues. He will give you expert advice on how best to manage your condition, and refer you to specialist services if necessary. Ask your reception team at your practice for an appointment.

Need Support? Ask our Social Prescribing Link Worker

Our highly trained Social Prescribing Link Worker can support you to understand and unpick complex issues affecting your wellbeing. They will enable you to have more control over your life, develop skills to lead a more fulfilling life. They can provide information on local services, prescription delivery and where best to go for help for many of our life issues, for example, parenting, job finding, local clubs and social care needs.

Speak to your practice reception team to ask for help from our Social Prescribing Link Worker.

Enhanced Access 


These appointments are booked via your practice in the usual way. If you need to cancel an Enhanced Access appointment out of regular practice hours (after 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm), or Saturdays 9 am to 4.30 pm, please phone the Cancellation Phone Line on: 07780697032

PCN Privacy Notice

GRiPC North Guildford PCN Privacy Notice We are part of the GRiPC North Guildford PCN (Primary Care Network) which is a network of GPs practices established to provide integrated services to the local population. Members of the network are:

● Dapdune House Surgery

● Fairlands Surgery

● Guildowns Group Practice

● Woodbridge Hill Surgery

We also work in close collaboration with the following organisations:

● Procare GP Federation

● Surrey Physio

● Voluntary Access South West Surrey

● Green Light Healthcare Ltd

● Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust

 By operating as a network, we as the PCN are responsible for delivering the following services:

 ● Enhanced Access Hours

● Urgent Care Hubs

● Anticipatory and Proactive Care MDTs

● Structured Medication Reviews

As a PCN we deliver the following services working collaboratively with other providers:

● Social Prescribing

● First Contact Physiotherapy

● Covid Vaccination

Programme By operating as a network we as the PCN collaboratively work with other Providers who are responsible for delivering the following services:

● GPimhs (GP Integrated Mental Health Services)

Where necessary and relevant to support your direct care, we will share your confidential patient information with members of our network and with our collaborative organisations to support safe, efficient and effective care and treatment.

We will use data which you cannot be identified from when we are undertaking the planning and commissioning of local health and care services. This ‘de-identified data’ is effectively anonymised in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Office Code of Practice, a summary of which is available at anonymisation_code_summary.pdf (

If you are not happy for your health data to be shared with the organisations detailed above if you wish to access PCN services then you can object to this. To do so you should contact your registered Practice so they can discuss the potential impact this could have on your care and treatment.

If you do not wish for your de-identified data to be used for planning and commissioning of PCN services you are able to opt-out of this via the National Opt-Out – please see link below for further details:

See  for further information about our PCN services.