Non-NHS Work

The doctors provide non NHS services, if you require additional services from the doctor (for example medical insurance forms such as PPP/BUPA; medical examinations for insurance companies; driver medical and letter) then a charge will be made. Non NHS work is undertaken at the doctors’ discretion.

As doctors are not paid for this work by the NHS, the charge goes towards the running costs of the practice and in compensating the doctor for his or her professional services. These fees are agreed by the partners and reviewed annually. The reception and secretarial staff have no authority to waive or vary any of these charges.

Payment must be made in advance, or at the time of the service being provided. Letters or forms will not be handed out or sent until payment has been received. Our fees are available on request. All fees are payable in full at the time of consultation either with cash or a cheque backed by a guarantee card; most debit and credit cards are accepted.

We no longer counter sign passport photos and forms as we are not on the list accepted by the passport office.

Dental Problems

The treatment of dental problems is not the responsibility of your doctor. This includes patients seeking an NHS prescription following the issue of a private prescription or recommendation of a drug by a dentist. If you are in need of dental care, please contact your local dentist or contact NHS 111 (dial 111) for information. Alternatively call the Surrey Dental Helpline on 0845 271 2040.